Facade Material Shopkeeper

Material Shop 

NPC Merchant
Shop Material Shop
Stock Raw Materials
Locations Village

Facade Material Shopkeeper is one of the many Merchant NPCs in NieR Replicant. They own a Material shop in Facade that sells raw materials that are gatherable. The items found in Materials Shops can usually be gathered and picked up while exploring.

The Masked People of Facade use the materials from this shop to make masks since it is a rule that the people who live there must wear a mask at all times. 


There are three Material Shopkeepers in three locations:


Each shop carries a stock of raw materials that are different and will depend on the materials available in their location.



Facade Material Shopkeeper Stock

Item Use Cost
Crystal   2400 gold
Clay  Versatile soil used in pottery and construction 800  gold
Amber   6000 gold
Wool  Fuzzy wool from a sheep 800 gold
Wolf Hide  The hide from a wolf 5000 gold 





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