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The Aerie

The Aerie Blacksmith is one of the many Merchant NPCs in NieR Replicant. They own a Weapons Shop in Seafront that sells different weapons, swords and spears in the game. 


There are four Blacksmith merchants in four locations:

 But there is a fifth Weapon Shop for Weapon upgrades that is run by Jakob and Gideon located right outside the Junk Heap called the Two Brothers Weaponry


The inventory of the Weapons Shop changes overtime. Some weapons are only available during Act II.  





Seafront Weapons Shop Stock

Item Description Cost
Beastbain A sword that bears a beastly motif. Its short, thin blade seems eager to vanish from sight. 16800 gold
Vile Axe A mage with a putrid soul imbued the essence of a fire lizard into this axe. 21600 gold
(Act II ) Spear of the Usurper A spear used by a prince's body double to slay his employer. The traitor was later killed with the same spear. 21,600 gold
Phoenix Dagger  A ceremonial blade crafted from feathers of the legendary firebird. It is untested as a weapon. 32500 gold





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