Seafront Tavern Keeper


NPC Merchant
Shop Tavern
Locations Village

The Seafront Tavern Keeper is one of the many NPCs in NieR Replicant. They own a Tavern in Seafront that sells drinks to Villagers and sometimes serves food as well. The Tavern will usually not have anything purchasable for NieR. 

The Tavern at Seafront can be identified with a wine jug and glass symbol at the storefront. 

There are two Taverns Keepers in NieR Replicant in two separate locations: 



The Seafront Tavern Keeper is a client to a few Quests

It will also be a minor destination for a few other Quests


About the Seafront Tavern Keeper 

The game gives a glimpse of the Tavern Keeper's personality through a few of the side quests. The Seafront Tavern Keeper is a chef constantly looking for new recipes to try. Since NieR is a "traveler, " he appoints NieR to find inspiration to help him gather recipes and the necessary ingredients for his new dishes.

Most times, the dishes don't turn up the way he envisions, and he scraps his ideas. Other times, he doesn't even follow through trying, calling one of the ingredients 'slimy. smelly and gross'  But that doesn't stop him from his food experimenting and trying again. 



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