Forest of Myth Mayor

Character Type NPC
Location Forest of Myth

Forest of Myth Mayor is one of the NPCs of NieR Replicant. He is the Mayor of the Forest of Myth


Forest of Myth Mayor Information


The Mayor is initially found infect with the Deathdream disease. He is compassionate about his village and its residents and desperately seeks help to find a cure for the disease that swept their town. 


Forest of Myth Mayor Appearances


NieR visits the Mayor after Popola receives a cryptic letter from him that sounded like his thoughts were slowly being taken over. When they meet him, he can only muster a dazed response until they realized that NieR himself and Grimoire Weiss have also been absorbed into the dream. It is only then they could properly converse. 

As hopeless as the Mayor sounded about escaping his own dreams, Grimoire Weiss managest to find a solution for all of them to escape and guides the Mayor's thoughts out of his dream before helping the rest of the residents. 


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