King of Facade

Character Type NPC
Location Facade
King's Manor
Related Quest Disturbing the Sleep of Kings
Voice Maru Ayasato 
Yousuke Shigematsu (adult)

King of Facade is one of the NPCs of NieR Replicant. He was also known as the Prince of Facade, and only recently ascended into King. He is usually found at the King's Mansion


If the rules say, I can't then damn the rules 

King of Facade Information

The King of Facade is a young newly ascended King, following in his fathers' footsteps. The previous King of Facade, his father, had passed away from his illnesses after he was afflicted with the Black Scrawl disease. 

Though with good intentions, he sometimes makes foolish decisions and can disregard Facade's strict rules that the city is built on. 


King of Facade Appearances

The King of Facade is first introduced in the game as the prince after his father had just passed away from the Black Scrawl disease. On NieR's first trip to Facade, the prince was missing. He ventured on his own into the Barren Temple to obtain the Royal Mask previously owned by the King. The mask represented the King and what he stood for and the Prince wanted to use it as a symbol for their town and to prove that he will make a worthy king. 

NieR was the only one able to go after him, being the only foreigner not bound by the rules of Facade. Since the rule states that only Royals were to enter, the guards were unable to help. NieR finds the prince as he breaks the rules of the Barren Temple and is escorted into the main chamber.

NieR locates him in the furthest room and rescues him from the temple's guardian just as he retrieves the Royal Mask. The prince makes his speech and he ascends to King of Facade. 


Our people have suffered since the King's death, 
I was too young to bridge the gap between our people and other civilizations 
Trade has come to a halt. We lack food and water and the people despair for it. 
This mask is an emblem of the king.
With it, I can project a strong image to other lands and our people can be prosperous once more. 

-King of Facade, when retrieving his Royal Mask


Act II

Many years later, the King of Facade invited NieR to his wedding in Facade. He is getting married to Fyra. Unfortunately, this wedding is disrupted by a pack of wolves that intruded from the desert, and it was here that Fyra met her untimely demise. 

The King of Facade sought revenge on the wolves as time went by as Fyra was no longer the only victim, but it was in breach of multiple Facade rules. The King did not care about the rules, but his Advisor decided against it. The Men of the Mask eventually informed him that he managed to obtain the blessing of every citizen for the war, so they now can wage war on the wolves without compromising the rules. 

The King of Facade, NieR, and the Men of the Mask make the journey to the wolves' den in the Desert to rid them once and for all. The scene ends at her monument, as the King of Facade says a small tribute and asks for privacy since it is against the rules for the King to shed tears in front of others. 



Sometime after the Barren Temple is broken into and invaded with bandits during the Quest, A Shade Entombed, Shades will further infiltrate the temple and the King of Facade will task NieR to clear them. Disturbing the Sleep of Kings


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