The Aerie is a location in NieR Replicant. It is Kainé's hometown and can be accessed through the Northern Plains. 


The Aerie Location

The Aerie Map can be bought from the Item Shopkeeper at the Village for 500 gold.


The Aerie is accessed from the Village through the northern gates and the Northern Plains. Continue north through the tunnel with a track. He will pass a deserted tent, but continue onward through the next tunnel to The Aerie. 


The Aerie Information

The Aerie is a cliffside village that mainly consists of wooden platforms and suspension bridges over a wide canyon. The Residents of Aerie are rarely seen. They usually remain in their homes and can be heard when walking past their huts and are not very welcoming towards visitors due to fear and constant Shade attacks.

Kainé's hometown was once The Aerie, but NieR will hear from various villagers that she is no longer welcomed there because of her Shade features. and  Her backstory in the Aerie can also be found in Kainé's Dreams

The mailbox savepoint is located at the entrance of the Aerie. 

Players can find the following NPCs:

Players can find the following Enemies:

These Materials can be found in this area:


The Aerie Quests & Major Events Walkthrough

This is Nier’s initial destination in his search for the Sealed Verses after meeting Grimoire Weiss. Popola suggests looking for the village chief and ask him for more information on the Sealed Verse locations.  

The Aerie's Village Chief is located at the highest point of the town. He lives at the gold hut up top. Upon NieR's first visit to the Aerie, the location will pan towards the Chief's house. The town will be riddled with hordes of Shades upon NieR's arrival.  Once he fights through them and reaches the Chief, he will find that he too, like the other residents, is just as unwelcoming, and will also shoo NieR away and they will make no progress with the Sealed Verses here. 

However, his journey back from The Aerie will bring his first official encounter with Kainé. 

There are no clients in the Aerie for NieR to begin any of his Side Quests


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