Character Type Boss
Species Shade
Location The Aerie

Hook is one of the Bosses of NieR Replicant. Hook is the giant reptilian Shade that lingers around The Aerie.


Hook Location

Hook will be first seen at the area of the deserted tent between the Northern Plains and The Aerie, where Kainé resides.


Hook Information

Hook is a reptilian lizard-looking Shade with a claw as an appendage instead of tail. It has some sort of hypnotic abilities and was able to speak to Kainé impersonating her grandmother, Kali

Hook and Kainé have had a history of run-ins in the past as seen in Kainé's Dreams during a second playthrough. The Shade is responsible for destroying her home and taking her grandmother's life. During their previous run-ins, Kainé had been so severely injured but was saved when Tyrann, the Shade, possessed her, creating her half-Shade essence. 

Hooks attack on Kainé caused her drive to hunt Hook down and kill Shades to avenge her grandmother's death.


Hook Encounters

Hook is first seen on NieR's first trip back from The Aerie. Kainé will initiate a boss fight sequence first that is interrupted by Hook, initiating another boss fight. 

Warding Hook off the first time will reward NieR with a Sealed Verse


Second Encounter

Hook appears a second time during the next visit to The Aerie. NieR will encounter Kainé.  She is seen fighting off a hoard of Shades and informs NieR that they have taken over The Aerie village. Once NeiR approaches the center platform of the Aerie, Hook will appear again. 

Defeating Hook will reward NieR with another Sealed Verse


Hook Attack Strategy

  • Hook lets out a shock wave on the ground that resonates outward when it stomps its feet. Be prepared to jump over them once you notice its feet lifting
  • It also lets out a scream that spews out the red magic orbs. These can be attacked with melee to restore some of the MP meter
  • The attack gauges will also appear on its feet so keep a convenient distance to run in
  • Once in a while Hook also spits out Shade balls that are fairly easy to clear
  • Repeat using Sealed Verse magic when attacking its face and, run in to perform some melee attacks when his feet are within range



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