Character Type Boss
Species Shade
Companion Grimoire Noir
Location Shadowlord's Castle
Voice Koji Yusa

The Shadowlord is the main Boss in NieR Replicant. He is the antagonist of the game along with his companion, Grimoire Noir.  


Shadowlord Location

 The Shadowlord will be found at the end of the Shadowlord's Castle


Shadowlord Information

The Shadowlord shows an eerie resemblance to the protagonist and looks to be a shadow copy of the protagonist, NieR. He actually stars in the prologue of the game as the original NieR. He gives his soul to Grimoire Noir to save his sister from other relapsed Gestalts known as Shades. He was a necessary component of Project Gestalt, back in 2053 when the experiments began. Project Gestalt wanted to see who can retain their own human consciousness after the Gestalt process. 

They separated his soul from his body. This soul without a vessel is what they know to be the Shadowlord. The Shadowlord and the protagonist share the same goal of protecting their sister, Yonah. The protagonist is merely a replicant to be a vessel for the original NieR and his body was intended to be returned and possessed by the Shadowlord at a later time.


Shadowlord Encounters

The Shadowlord first makes his appearance at the Village Library after their encounter with the giant Shade, Jack of Hearts. The Shadowlord grew impatient and took the initiative to take replicant Yonah for the original Yonah to use her body and possess. As they fight Grimoire Noir, The Shadowlord leaves Yonah, and the objective for the rest of the game to locate him to return Yonah back to NieR safely. 


Second Encounter

The next encounter will be the final battle at the end of the Shadowlord's Castle. NieR finally sees Yonah once again after the time jump in Act II. He fights the Shadowlord for Yonah, but the fight is disrupted when the original Yonah in replicant Yonah's body calls for everything to cease, and instead wishes to move on and return the shell. She returns Yonah's body to Nier and leaves.  This angers the Shadowlord and they continue to fight until his defeat.



Shadowlord Attack Strategy

  • The Shadowlord has a series of defense mechanics so the most difficult part of the fight is to be able to approach him to attack 
  • He has wings, so he is also able to fly and move at quick speeds
  • During this fight, the camera will remain focused on the Shadowlord so you won't lose sight of him
  • He has most of the same abilities as Nier as well. 
  • Use Dark Lance at a distance while trying to get in range to land a chain of melee attacks 


  • Halfway through the battle, Grimoire Weiss will grow too weak and Nier will lose the ability of the Sealed Verses.
  • NieR will have no choice but to block and evade the magic from the Shadowlord to come close enough to perform his melee attacks
  • Continue dealing melee attacks until his HP bar has depleted.



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