The Library is a primary location in NieR Replicant. Popola will be found here to assign quests to NieR and guide him to his next destination in the main story. 


Library Location

The Library is just in the village up the hill. From the main fountain, there will be a path going up. This will lead directly to the Library where Popola will be. 


Library Information

Popola's office is up the stairs of the Library, in the door to the right. 

The Library and Popola will be the primary source of some Quests and progress in the main story. When unsure of any location or where to go next, Popola can be asked at any point in the game for information. 

Across Popola's office, there will also be a Trophy Room. NieR can come here anytime to view his progress. A trophy will be awarded and displayed in this room after a major boss fight, representing their defeat. 

NieR will also be able to interact with some of the Residents in the Library and the bookshelves as well to start and complete some quests. 

 Players can find the following NPCs:


Library Quests & Major Events Walkthrough

The first encounter with Grimoire Noir will take place in the Village Library. NieR will enter a major boss fight sequence, along with Emil and Kainé. Kainé manages to seal in a Shade that attacks the Village behind the Large doors at the Library. She becomes petrified for the next five years after she forces Emil to petrify her in place to lock the doors and keep the Shade in. 

This is also where NieR last sees Yonah before she is taken away by the Shadowlord. This sequence ends Act I, and Act II will continue with the Library still in ruins and the rest of the Village wearing down. 



Some quests that involve the Library: 



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