Grimoire Noir

Character Type Boss
Other Names  The Black Book
Species Sentient Book
Companion Shadowlord
Location Shadowlords Castle
Village Library
See Also And Then There Were None
Voice Fumihiko Tachiki
D.C. Douglas

Grimoire Noir is a Boss in NieR Replicant.  He is known as the black book, the counterpart of Grimoire Weiss,  the white book. He is a companion of the Shadowlord.


Grimoire Noir Location

He first is the one who comes to NieR and is first encountered right at their Village Library, but thereafter can be met at the Shadowlord's Castle.  


Grimoire Noir Information

Grimoire Noir is a sentient book much like Grimoire Weiss and Grimoire Rumbrum. He is also known as the black book, the counterpart of the white book, Grimoire Weiss, and works as the Shadowlord's companion, just as Grimoire Weiss becomes NieR's companion. 

As seen in Grimoire Weiss' excerpt on his backstory in 'And Then There Were None,' He was one of the many children recruited into a military organization forced into a battle with each other. Being one of the three left standing, he was sucked into his book and became Grimoire Noir.


Grimoire Noir Encounters

After the attack of the Jack of Hearts, Grimoire Noir and the Shadowlord make an entrance as well. When they meet, he tries to convince Grimoire Weiss that they serve a higher purpose to serve the Shadowlord, and must fuse together to set free Shades to create a new perfect world, but Grimoire Weiss does not give in and remains loyal to his companions. This initiates a boss fight sequence with Grimoire Noir. 

NieR comes in between and takes the final blow to shield Grimoire Weiss before the Shadowlord and Grimoire Noir take off with Yonah.


Second Encounter

The second time they see Grimoire Noir will be at the heart of the Shadowlord's Castle during the final battle with the Shadowlord. Finishing this attack sequence will initiate the next boss fight with the Shadowlord himself.


Grimoire Noir Attack Strategy

  • During the first battle, Grimoire Weiss loses his magic ability, but will slowly gain them back one by one during the battle with Grimoire Noir. 
  •  Like Grimoire Rumbrum, he releases pages that can be cleared so that he can be directly attacked except this time these pages can also line up and each individual page can release a stream of magic orbs. He also has the occasional charge attacks and defensive barrier. 
  • The book itself can still be attacked at this time. Focus on hitting Grimoire Noir himself and finish off the Attack Gauges when they pop up. 
  • The fight in the Library will also cause the roof to slowly collapse to be wary of the roof fragments falling on NieR 

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