Number 6

Character Type Boss
Species Weapons Experiment
Location  Underground Laboratory
See also: Halua
Emil's Manor
Snow White Plans

Number 6 is a Boss character in NieR Replicant. She is number 6 in the Snow White Plans magic weapons experiments conducting in the secret Underground Laboratory of Emil's Manor


 Number 6 Location

Number 6 will be located in the last room of the Underground Laboratory underneath Emil's Manor.


Number 6 Information

Number 6 was deemed the most perfect experiment in the Snow White Plans created to be the ultimate weapon until they had lost control of her, and had to create a second experiment to petrify and seal Number 6. The new experiment was called Number 7, who we later find out was actually Emil. This is how his petrification abilities came to be. 

After Emil has his flashback, he realized Number 6 was his sister, Halua. She has been sealed here all these years. 

Before her defeat, they share a reassuring look, and Emil thanks her as she allows herself to fuse with him and passes on her abilities to Emil. 


Number 6 Encounter 

When Emil takes NieR down to explore the Underground Laboratory, he must first clear the Shades in each room and search for the missing keys and documents that will unlock the other doors and help them find the answers to reversing petrification.

Number 6 will be located in the last room of the Archival storage rooms underneath Emil's Manor. She is initially sealed off and pinned to the wall, but after Emil's flashback, she will initiate a boss fight sequence.


Number 6 Attack Strategy

  • Number 6 is able to spew out and a stream of magic orbs along with one large one, jump up, and climb on walls, and conduct charge attacks
  • Use melee attacks while she is on the ground and magic attacks for when she is on the walls and out of range. 
  • Shooting her down off the walls with a magic attack will cause her to fall and create a shockwave.
  • Be aware of the radial orbs that she shoots out as the magic projectile waves curl back inwards
  • Slash the magic orbs to replenish magic and finish her off by breaking the Attack Gauge.



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