Character Type Boss
Species Shade
Location The Aerie
Loot Sacrifice Key

Wendy is a Boss in NieR Replicant. They are the combination of the lost Shade souls of the Villagers of the Aerie. 

"There are quite a few Gestalts in that village that didn’t wait for the fusion of Grimoire Weiss and Grimoire Noir, but went into their Replicants out of their own will. The relapsed ones were absorbed by Hook, and together they fused to become Wendy."

-Yoko, Creator of NieR Replicant

Wendy Location

Went will be located at The Aerie after the chief sends Popola a letter and NieR comes back for the third time in the storyline. 


Wendy Information

Wendy is a giant sphere Shade morphed together from all the relapsed Gestalts of The Aerie.  Her main notable feature is her giant eye, which is full of magic and also serves as her weak point. She also has surrounding tentacles that orbit around her body that deflects magic and also attacks. 

Wendy is morphed from all the Shade villagers of The Aerie when NieR slowly uncovers that most of the Villagers are no longer truly humans. Emil believes she is made out of innocent people, but NieR has no mercy for Shades. Grimoire Weiss tells him to focus all his magic at the center. 

Her defeat will reward NieR with the Sacrifice Key, Key Fragment


Wendy Encounters

 Wendy is formed at NieR's last trip to The Aerie. Popola sends NieR to The Aerie when she receives a letter from the Chief requesting to reconnect. However, when he arrives and speaks to the people, he finds they were actually Shades in the vessels of people. 

During his combat, they morphe together to become Wendy. 

In the end, she is defeated by Emil's great power, which he was unable to control. The instincts of the ultimate weapon part of him take over. After Wendy's defeat, Emil is riddled with guilt from killing off all the Villagers. 


Wendy Attack Strategy

  • Wendy sends out magic orbs from the center of her eye, but it also acts as a weak point. 
  • Though she is suspended above the ground, she actually comes within range to be able to perform melee attacks on her eyes.  
  • When she is out of range, use Dark Lance to arm directly at the eye. Shooting magic at her tentacles will make no effect. 
  • Her tentacles will also bring down hordes of Shades so be prepared to clear them. Defeating them will have no effect on Wendy. 
  • About halfway down her HP, she will bring out an attack gauge, which will be the main priority. This will be not within melee range, so make sure the MP meter is not empty. Missing the Attack Gauge will restore a significant amount of health 
  • Eventually, Emil and the next part of her sequence will begin. She will spin and shoot lasers from her eye. Emil will hold her off so NieR can reposition himself
  • Get to the bridge directly behind her, where her eye is still projecting magic orbs. Continue to use Dark Lance on her eye until she repositions. 
  • Follow her to her next location and continue focusing on her eye until the HP bar is depleted



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      Emil did not think the shades where innocent. He ment the regular people who where still living in the Aerie when he destroyed the entire village.
      They do not all turn into shades

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