Grimoire Rubrum

Character Type Boss
Species Sentient Book
Location Emil's Manor, Library
See also And Then There Were None

Grimoire Rubrum is a Boss in NieR Replicant.  She is a sentient book like Grimoire Weiss hidden in the bookshelves of Emil's Manor's library.  


Grimoire Rubrum Location

After NieR is introduced to Emil in Emil's Manor, they will progress to the manor's library where Grimoire Rubrum will be among the books on the bookshelves. 


Grimoire Rubrum Information

Grimoire Rubrum is a sentient book much like Grimoire Weiss and Grimoire Noir. However, unlike them, she doesn't seem to have the ability to react or speak. 

As seen in Grimoire Weiss' excerpt on his backstory in 'And Then There Were None,'  She was one of the many children recruited into a military organization forced into a battle with each other. Being one of the three left standings, she was sucked into her book and became Grimoire Rubrum.


Grimoire Rubrum Encounters

In their initial search through Emil's Manor for a cure for Emil, they will pass through the courtyard and NieR will reach the library where Grimoire Rubrum will attack them. There will be a save point before they enter the library. 

Her defeat will reward NieR with a Sealed Verse, and a page for 'Annulling the Petrification Curse.'  Unfortunately, the page will be written in code and is therefore unusable until decoded. 



Grimoire Rubrum Attack Strategy

  • Grimoire Rubrum can initially be easily hit with melee attacks before she begins her attack sequences
  • She has a charge attack that projects herself forward and an attack where she surrounds herself in her pages, as well as a defense barrier
  • Keep a distance to be able to dodge her charge attacks, and when she surrounds herself in her pages, clear them to be able to reach her.
  • Hitting her in her defense barrier will not deal any damage
  • Emil won't be able to help during this fight, but Kainé will be able to 
  • She will have a lot of stagnant moments, so hit her with magic when it is clear as this does a lot of damage. 



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