Character Type Boss
Species Temple Guardian
Location Barren Temple

Shahriyar is a Boss in NieR Replicant. It is the essence that protects the Barren Temple and its many rules. 


Shahriyar Location

Shahriyar is located in the last chamber of the Barren Temple once the trials of all the rooms have been completed. Completing the trials would unseal the door that leads to the final room. 

Shahriyar Information

Shahriyar is formed out of the magic block cubes of the Barren Temple. Throughout the many rooms and trials of the temple, if a rule is found to be broken, one of the blocks will come and escort the rule-breaker out. 

The King of Facade (Prince of Facade at the time) is no exception to these rules and is seen being escorted out of one of the temple chambers only to be found in the midst of Shahriyar's body when he is encountered. 

The multiple formations of the temple cubes make up the boss, Shahriyar.


Shahriyar Encounters

Shahriyar is encountered when searching for the Prince of Facade in the Barren Temple. The prince will be in the grasp of Shahriyar at the end of the temple. 

Defeat Shahriyar to free the Prince and return him to his people in Facade. He will then ascend to become the King of Facade and offer NieR the sword, Rebirth. NieR will also obtain another Sealed Verse.



Shahriyar Attack Strategy

  •  Shahriyar takes up three different forms during his boss fight sequence. The goal is to aim for the glowing cubes. 
  • Use Dark Lance so NieR has a crosshair for aiming 

Form 1

  • The first form is a cylindrical figure that projects magical orbs at NieR's level. Focus on the layer on the bottom each time and clear the colored blocks. 
  • Block out the magic orbs until there is a clear shot of the colored cubes 

 Form 2

  • The second form is a human figure with glowing cubes placed where his hands would be. His cubes will continue to shift around in patterns, so be prepared to avoid them 
  • Its arm smash will also send out a shock wave of damage that can be jumped over 

Form 3

  • The third form is made up of four layers of squares that will rotate. Focus on the topmost later each time. 
  • Continue clearing the colored cubes until the final cube shows an Attack Gauge




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