Defense System Gepetto

Character Type Boss
Species Defense System Robot
Location Junk Heap

Defense System Gepetto is a Boss in NieR Replicant. Gepetto is the Defense System Robot at the final room of the Junk Heap.

Defense System Gepetto Location

 He will be summoned to the final room of Junk Heap during NieR's first visit when an intruder alert is triggered. 


Defense System Gepetto Information

Gepetto is a Defense System Robot built into the Junk Heap as an extermination protocol to defend the area from intruders. He has a series of features such as laser fingers, releasing robot clusters, turrets, and tracking missiles. 



Defense System Gepetto Encounters

NieR will encounter him when he enters the Junk Heap for the first time after interacting with Jakob and Gideon from Two Brothers Weaponry to upgrade his weapon. They do not have the necessary materials for the upgrade and so NieR enters the Junk Heap himself to retrieve them. 

They also have been worried about their mother who has gone missing for a few days and so NieR volunteers to go in and look for her. During his search, he will trigger an intruder alert and encounter Gepetto. 



Defense System Gepetto Attack Strategy

  •  The palms of the robot's hands are his most vulnerable points
  • Its fingers will shoot out lasers in a pattern that must be avoided
  • His hands also hover away from his main body and can crush NieR,  but the shadows on the floor can predict which areas to avoid.  
  • The first depletion of the Boss' HP will release a cluster of robots that can also individually project magic orbs. Cut through them if you can, to replenish the MP meter
  • Be aware of the circular platforms as they not only release robots but sometimes extend to become turrets that shoot a line of magic orbs. 
  • Magic will have no effect on the head of the robot but it can be bombed
  • At the next stage, these platforms will provide a bomb to throw into the robot's mouth. Time it for when his mouth opens while avoiding the tracking missiles it releases


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