Character Type Boss
Species Wolf Shade
Location Desert
Rewards Loyal Cerberus Key 

Roc is a Boss in NieR Replicant.  Roc is a Shade and the pack leader of the wolves in the desert. His perspective and backstory is unlocked during the second playthrough

"You raped our forests and poisoned our streams, and now you slaughter our young! We will abide your existence no longer, mankind! You will atone for your sins with blood!"

-Roc to the humans


Roc Location

Roc and his den are located in the middle of the desert, but they will be first seen in Facade during Act II. 


Roc Information

Roc is the Shade wolf pack leader, whose den lies in the middle of the desert. He blames the humans for turning their bountiful forest into what we now know is Facade, but he still continues to have faith that humans will learn to live alongside others. He has this compassion for humans because he was once a regular wolf who befriended a human that he referred to as his father. His father gave his life so that Roc can continue on as a Shade wolf. 



During the first playthrough, he seems to lead an unwarranted attack during the King of Facade's wedding, but the second playthrough reveals that the humans had actually set traps on his fellow wolves and their attack was a planned act of revenge. Players can catch a glimpse of Roc's thoughts during their attack. He blames the humans for destroying their land. Their numbers are severely slashed and they expected impending retaliation from the humans but refused to escape and instead chose to die with honor. Upon his death, the last memory Roc has is of his human father. It is implied that his human father had given up his place in Project Gestalt so that Roc could undergo the Shade transformation and live on instead. That is how Roc came to be a Shade Wolf.

 His defeat will reward NieR with the Loyal Cerberus Key, Key Fragment.


Roc Encounters

Roc is first seen intruding the King of Facade's wedding. He makes an entrance and kills the new Queen, initiating a short boss attack sequence before they retreat back to the desert. 


Second Encounter

After the first encounter, the King of Facade will want to avenge the death of Fyra, so NieR joins him on his hunt to locate the Shade wolf and their den in the desert to kill off the rest of the wolves so that they can no longer harm any more humans. 


Roc Attack Strategy

  •  Roc will be surrounded by his pack of wolves. It'll be easier to clear them out first so that the battle with Roc can be focused on
  • The wolves can be cleared with 1-2 melee attack hits each 
  • Roc himself can jump to the center platform and deal a charge attack, he is very quick so it's easy to miss a Dark Lance magic attack
  • Hit him with a combination of Dark Blast and melee attacks until the final Attack Gauge pops up and the King finishes him off. 



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