Character Type Boss
Nickname Beepy
Species Defense Robot
Location Junk Heap 
See also:  Kalil
Rewards Law of Robotics Key

P-33 (Beepy) is a Boss in NieR Replicant. P-33 is a military defense robot installed to exterminate intruders at Junk Heap

I will not permit the humans to kill Kalil


P-33 Location

P-33 will be in the last room of the Junk Heap when NieR's returns in the second part of NieR Replicant


P-33 Information

P-33's is a robot whose purpose is to protect the Junk Heap from intruders. Gideon blames the robot for the death of his brother, Jakob.

P-33 becomes one part of an unlikely duo when he meets Kalil, the young shade. He initially intends to eliminate the shade intruder, but receives an error when he sees Kalil crying. P-33 is charged with defending others and decides to defend Kalil from the humans that killed his mother rather than treat him as an intruder. 

Kalil and P-33 form an unlikely friendship and Kalil nicknames him "Beepy." Kalil spends his days teaching P-33 about the world outside of the Junk Heap and hopes to run off and have an adventure together. 

His defeat will reward NieR with The Law of Robotics, Key Fragments


P-33 Encounters

He is first briefly seen at the Junk Heap flashback cutscene when Gideon and Jakob were scavenging at young boys. P-33 is the last thing Gideon remembers seeing after a structure fell and killed his brother, Jakob. This causes Gideon to displace his anger on all robots despite P-33's non-involvement. 

Gideon asks NieR for help accompanying him in avenging his brother and initiates a boss fight sequence with P-33 and Kalil. 


P-33 Attack Strategy

  •  P-33 has a stomp attack that sends out shockwaves of electricity. These shockwaves can be double-jumped over 
  • halfway through the battle, he transforms with wings and gains the ability to fly
  • During the second part of the sequence, be mindful of the debris that will also fall from the ceiling
  • With his wings, he is able to perform dive attacks and shoot magic orbs, but he will still be a fairly easy target with Dark Lance magic
  • Defeating the robot in this state will throw the Shade off his head and prompt an Attack Gauge, this will end the sequence


Eastern Road Notes & Trivia

  • When Kalil tells him that his mother just died, P-33 will say that his creator died 874 years, 10 months, 14 days, 4 hours, and 43 minutes ago. 



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