Character Type Boss
Species Shade
Location Junk Heap
See also P-33

Kalil is a part of a Boss in NieR ReplicantKalil is a small Shade attached to P-33 when they form an unlikely friendship after meeting in the Junk Heap.


Kalil Location

Kalil can be found where P-33 is, at the last room of the Junk Heap during the second Act of NieR Replicant.


Kalil Information

Kalil is the little Shade that can be seen sitting atop the defense robot, P-33, during battle. They believed that the Shade was controlling the robot, but instead, Kalil and P-33 had actually formed an unlikely friendship and the robot committed himself to defending the little Shade from humans. 

Kalil lost his mother Shade to humans and was found crying by P-33, who discontinued his intruder protocol when he received an error seeing Kalil crying. When P-33 decides to dedicate his defense system to protect Kalil instead, they become inseparable. Kalil spends his time teaching P-33 about the outside world in hopes they would someday leave the Junk Heap and explore the outside together. 


Kalil Encounters

 Kalil is only seen atop P-33 during their boss fight sequence until his backstory is unlocked during the second playthrough. 




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