Shadow of the desert

Type Act II Side Quest
Client Nobody
Location Facade
Reward  30000 gold

Shadow of the desert is one of the Side Quests in NieR Replicant. Side quests are optional tasks or quests usually requested by NPCs that players can choose to complete in order to obtain rewards. Some quests rewards are required for certain endings. 


What are you doing in the middle of the desert ?

(Oh, just tracking wolves. They've been on the move lately, so I was curious.)

Oh. Well, careful, all right?

Yeah. It's the girl who was almost killed by her lover.

There can be no reason for her to be wandering alone in the desert!

I'm sure there's a reason. ...Grown-ups always have reasons for stuff like that.

Mmm... A bit of a simplistic analysis, but perhaps true nonetheless. I shall bear that in mind the next time something seemingly meaningless   occurs.

(Second time)

Hey I remember you, are you still tracking wolves ?

(No, I've moved on to Shades. They've been pretty active lately.)

...Huh. Well, be careful, all right?

She is closer to the village now.

You sure it's not just your imagination?

Are you kidding? She was on the far side of the desert before!

But I fear that is not enough reason to detain her.

What are you doing here ?

(Nothing special. Their recent behavior has me curious, is all.)

Er. Sorry. Whose behavior ?

(The townspeople! Are you an idiot or something ?)

Watch out this thing is a Shade! There's more of them nearby!

You defeated the woman, who was disguised as one of the Masked People. Hard been a Shade this whole time?


  • 30000 gold



The quest is activated after acquiring the Loyal Cerberus Key Fragment and finishing The Missing Girl quest.

  •  Speak to the Masked Girl posted before the Ferryman in the desert.

She will declare that she is tracking wolves, quit the location (by using the Ferryman or exiting the map).

  • Speak to the Masked Girl posted in the front of Facade.

She will declare that she is tracking shades, quit the location (by using the Ferryman or exiting the map).

  • Speak to the Masked Girl posted at the external bridge of Facade.

She will attack you.

  • Kill all the shades to end the quest.

"You defeated the woman, who was disguised as one of the Masked People. Hard been a Shade this whole time ?"



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