Armour Break


Armour Break is damage NieR deals during combat affected by a few factors: 

(NieR's Level/EXP) + (Equipped Weapon weight) + (Words equipped for Armour Break+%? x2)ct) 

Amour Break is a stat in NieR Replicant that gives NieR the ability to break off  Shades and other enemies armour.  This is improved as the player progresses in the game, levels up and gains a higher Attack Power, and  is especially affected by the weight of his weapons

As the game progresses, NieR will encounter more and more Shades with tougher armour. Armour break is an important ability for him to be able to break armour off Shades and kill off Shades more efficiently. 

What can affect or increase NieR's Armour Break ability?

There are other different factors that can stack and allow NieRs armour break to increase. 

  • Our basic armour break ability follows NieR's level and basic stats, having higher stats increases the chances of an opponents armour to break
  • Our weapon's weight is the biggest factor in affecting the armour break ability. A heavier sword has higher chances of causing Armour break. The weight labels go from light to moderate to heavy and very heavy. (A heavier sword will counter NieR's physical strength and combat speed) 
  • There are Words with specific abilities to increase a percentage in armour break- specifically words with the prefix "Ul" There are around 10 "Ulwords ranging from a 2% increase to 30% increase in armour break ability. 
  • There are currently no special items that increase the odds of breaking armour, however as a tip, using Sealed Verses do more armour damage to Shades more than regular melee weapons do. 





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