EXP Rate


EXP Rate is how much EXP is gained in combat. It is mostly manipulated by word spells

( Words equipped +%? x2)

EXP Rate is a stat that can be increased in NieR Replicant which determines how much EXP NieR gains when he is in combat. EXP is gained by killing Shades and other enemies and allows NieR to level up. The total EXP is found in the menu on the top right corner underneath the stat bars. 


What can affect or increase NieRs EXP Rate?

There are minimal ways to increase EXP, but not the EXP rate. 

  • Words can be bound to objects or martial arts to increase overall  EXP Rate. Words with the prefix "Ot" are specifically bound to weapons or magic to increase an EXP rate 2-30% Up to two words effects can be stacked per object and can be reused endlessly

  • Items will not affect EXP rate

  • Though EXP rate is not easy manipulated, an increase in Attack Power, and engaging in more combat will naturally help NieR gain EXP and level up





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