Magic Cost


Magic Cost is affected by 2 factors

(Sealed Verses use) + (Words equipped for Magic Cost+%? x2)

Magic Cost is a stat in NieR Replicant that determines how much of the MP is being drained per use of NieR's Sealed Verse magic. The MP meter is shown in blue under his HP meter. When using Magic, it turns purple as it is drained.  This is improved as the player progresses in the game, levels up and gains EXP, and an increased Mp meter. 


What can affect Magic Cost?

There are other different factors that can stack and affect Magic Cost 

  • NieR's stats will not directly decrease a Magic Cost, but as he levels up, the MP meter will also increase, giving him more Magic at his dispense. 

  • Different Sealed Verses would actually drain a varying amount of Magic. Using a charged up power will also drain more magic.

  • There are Words with specific abilities to decrease NierR's Magic Cost per use of his abilities. Specifically words with the prefix "Lug" There are around 10 "Lug" words ranging from a -2% decrease to a -30% decrease in Magic Cost. 

  • There are no items to decrease Magic Cost, but a Magic Drop will increase magic damage by 30%, requiring less magic to defeat Shades




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