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Stock Cultivation Items
Locations Village
The Aerie

The Village Florist is one of the many Merchant NPCs in NieR Replicant. They own a Flower Shop in the Village that usually sells Cultivation Items, gardening-related goods for planting and harvesting and cultivating.

Like most shops in the Village, The Village Flower Shop will be located in the Village's Shopping District.


  The Flower Shop has two locations:


Each shop carries a similar stock of items, though some branches carry a slightly different inventory and amount. Prices in the game generally do not change from store to store. 

Since Seafront doesn't have an official florist merchant, their Item Shop also carries some supplies for gardening. 



The Village Florist in particular is a client to a few quests including Shopping List and A Return to Shopping. Completing the quests will unlock and expand NieR's field for planting, gardening and harvesting. 

If Quests are skipped or missed, rhe Cultivator's Handbook is available for 5000 gold here to unlock the field. 


Village Flower Shop Stock


Item Use Cost
Cultivator's Handbook Unlocks the field for gardening is quests are skipped 5,000 gold
Tomato Seed A tomato seed that you can plant in the field 30 gold
Eggplant Seed An eggplant seed that you can plant in the field 40 gold
Wheat Seedling A wheat seedling that you can plant in the field 50 gold
Bell Pepper Seedling A bell pepper seed that you can plant in the field 50 gold
Dahlia Bulb A Dahlia bulb hat you can plant in the field 40 gold



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