Wolves are one of the Enemies & Wild Animals of NieR Replicant. They are the packs of Wolves that roam around the Desert led by their pack leader, Roc


Wolves Location

The Wolves are found in packs roaming around the Desert. Their den is also located in the middle of the Desert


Wolves Information

The Desert wolves are sometimes seen with their pack leader, a Shade Wolf, Roc

They are significant to the plot of the main storyline in NieR Replicant,  

Possible item drops upon killing a Wolf:


Wolves Major Events

Act I


The Strange-Thing Shopkeeper asks NieR to help him retrieve ten Wolf Hides to craft a coat as an apology gift for cheating on his wife. Wolf Hides can be harvested after killing Wolves.



Act II

When NieR is invited back to Facade to witness the King of Facade's wedding, the celebration was cut short by an intruding pack of wolves who unfortunately took the life of the Queen. The King sought out revenge with the help of NieR, taking their fight directly to the den of the wolves in the desert.

NieR joins the King of Facade with his Men of the Mask and locate the den of the wolves and begin a boss action sequence against the pack and their pack leader, a Shade wolf named Roc. Once he is defeated, the King of Facade properly mourns the Queen. 


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