Black Scrawl

Type Fatal Illness
Victims Yonah
Late king of Facade
Lighthouse Lady

The Black Scrawl is a disease mentioned in NieR Replicant. It causes NieR's objective in the game when he races to find a cure for Yonah

Black Scrawl Information


Not much was known about the Black Scrawl, except that it caused a person to feel very ill and usually eventually resulted in death. It is identified by the creeping black marks and rune symbols that appeared all over the victim's body. NieR spends his time looking for more information on the disease in order to look for a cure for Yonah. 

He concluded that Grimoire Weiss and the Sealed Verses were the keys to its reversal when he heard the words from the Song of the Ancients.


Despite the belief that the Black Scrawl was a fatal disease, it was actually a malfunction in a Replicant body when their corresponding Gestalt was beginning to relapse. These were the effects that the Protagonist NieR's sister, Yonah, underwent.


Black Scrawl Appearances

  • The Black Scrawl is first mentioned in the introduction of NieR Replicant, when NieR retrieves Yonah from the Lost Shrine
  • The King of Facade, before the recent one, was afflicted with the disease, and unfortunately ended his life. This event led Kainé to Facade when she heard that they had be researching about the Black Scrawl

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