Shadowlord's Castle is a location in NieR Replicant. Shadowlord's Castle is the final location where NieR and his companions will face the Shadowlord after completing all five Key Fragments


Shadowlord's Castle Location & Map

The Shadowlord's Castle Map is obtained in the second room after the atrium from Devola and Popola


Shadowlord's Castle is accessed through a portal on the roof of the Lost Shrine where NieR met Grimoire Weiss that can only be activated once NieR has retrieved all the Key Fragments.  

The player cannot turn back from this point once the path is opened.  


Shadowlord's Castle Information

 The Shadowlord's Castle is made up of a series of rooms, ballrooms, towers, corridors, and chambers. The first room NieR will enter is a peaceful glass atrium, where he must interact with the birds at the birdbath that act as guards before he can proceed. The rest of the chambers and rooms are heavily guarded with a variety of Shades that can morphe into a major boss fight. 

The final chamber atop the towers and through the corridors is where Grimoire Noir, the Shadowlord and Yonah are all waiting. 

To receive all the endings, this castle must be revisited and the game has to be replayed from the halfway point. After first receiving Ending A, a second playthrough will follow to Ending B, and the third playthrough will give NieR a choice to receive Ending C or Ending D.


Players can find the following Weapons:

Players will encounter the following Bosses:


Shadowlord's Castle Quests & Major Events Walkthrough


Lost Shrine

Shadowlord's Castle is accessed through a portal on the roof of the Lost Shrine where NieR met Grimoire Weiss that can only be activated once NieR has retrieved all five of the Key Fragments.  

The player cannot turn back from this point once the path is opened.  


Glass Atrium

The path will lead to a large lass atrium structure. The Phoenix Sword can be obtained in the crate to the left of the next door.  The next step is to interact with the birds at the birdbath and answer their riddle. Skipping the interaction with the birds will cause Nier to enter a loop, and the door will only lead to where they entered.

The birds will ask: 

"To whom does the true voice speak?
To whom does the true form show itself?
I ask: Why did humans disappear from the world? 

Grimoire Weiss should answer "Because of the Black Scrawl Disease" 

Bird: "How can humans extend their lives?" 

  • By acquiring leaves of the sacred tree
  • By separating the body from soul 

When choosing to separate the body from soul they will respond " What is the destination of souls? 

  • They are placed in their corresponding shells
  • They are in the promised land bursting with light

The appropriate answer would be that they are placed in their corresponding shells. 

The Birds will say " Very well ... You are acknowledged as master. You may enter"


Devola and Popola

(Devola & Popola Boss fight)

In the next room, he will be met with Devola & Popola from the Village and they will try to convince NieR to turn back around and this will trigger the next boss fight sequence against the twins. 

In the middle of the sequence, a cutscene will interrupt as they use their powers to copy Grimoire Weiss's Sealed Verses so they are able to use them as well. 

 When their HP bar is depleted, they will step aside and allow NierR to proceed. 



(Shade Wild Boar Boss fight)

The next room a ballroom full of ghostly figures doing the waltz, that turn out to be Shades. Clear the room and Kainé will manage to break through the next door only to get swamped with more Shades in the form of balls that will morphe together to create a giant Wild Boar Shade

This wild boar stuns itself for a few seconds after its charge attacks. 

Clearing the Wild Boar Shade once will replenish his HP and he will be fully rejuvenated with a set of armor.  This time it will be able to excrete a green fog and poison NieR. Defeating it again will replenish his health the last time with its broken armor, but NieR will be able to exit to the next room. 



Tower Staircase

The next door will lead to a spiral staircase up. The Dragoon Lance can be found in a crate to the right, just before entering the stairs area. 

Begin climbing the stairs, and it will show that the wild Boar Shade is not far behind. Race to the top and enter the room and the Boar will continue right behind.



(Shade Wild Boar Boss fight) 

This room is a continuation of the battle with the Wild Boar Shade. Continue with the same fighting methods, and halfway through its HP bar, Spears will come out of nowhere and pierce the Shade.  The King of Facade and his Men of the Mask arrive to help out.

The Men of the Mask aid NieR against the Shade Wild Boar and assist in unsealing the next door. Once the door is open, the Men of the Mask force NieR to the next corridor and seal themselves along with their fates with the Shade Boar, allowing NieR to progress towards the Shadowlord and leaving them to fight to their deaths. 

The corridor will lead to a series of corridors and crates with recovery items so that NieR can replenish his health. Beyond the last doors, the twins will be there to greet NieR again. 


Devola and Popola

(Devola & Popola Boss fight)

The twins, Devola & Popola, finally give an explanation of what their purpose is and who they are and initiate another boss fight action sequence. Fight them in the same manner as when they were first encountered.  When they are defeated, Devola will be the first to go and Popola will continue to fight. Emil uses his powers one last time to push NieR forward and sacrifices himself in the process. 



Shadowlord & Grimoire Noir

(Grimoire Noir Boss fight)

NieR will have to go through another few sets of corridors before entering the final room where he finally sees Yonah and the Shadowlord. He will enter another Boss fight sequence against Grimoire Noir, and then the Shadowlord. Fight Grimoire Noir the same way Grimoire Rubrum was defeated. Use magic for ranged attacks when too far, and try to get close enough for melee attacks, because they are just as effective. Deplete the HP bar enough until the attack gauge circle appears, then break it. 



(Shadowlord Boss fight)

The battle with the Shadowlord will follow after Grimoire Noir is defeated.  Chain attacks so that the Shadowlord does not have an opportunity to strike back. Hop back when he leaps into the air, as he will land with an attack. The fight is interrupted with Yonah awakening from her rest and disrupt their fight, calling the Shadowlord her dad. The Shade possessing her volunteers to leave, and they continue to fight. . Mid-fight, Grimoire Weiss will become too weak to continue producing magic so NieR will have to continue without the help of the Sealed Verses. 

For this section, focus on trying to avoid the Shadowlords magic attacks while trying to get close for melee attacks. Take advantage of the recovery items, and finish off any attack gauges that appear. 

The section will conclude with Grimoire Weiss' advising NieR to call Yonah back to him and she will ask who she loves most.

The answer to the question will be his selected name. 

The story concludes with a final cutscene and gives you Ending A after the first playthrough.



  • Subsequent playthroughs would provide different Endings
  • Ending C & D requires that all weapons must be obtained before they are unlocked


Ending C & D

Ending D is the continuation of Endings A & B after Kainé leaves. Ending C and D both require the Weapons Collector Achievement where every weapon in the game must be attained before this ending is unlocked. Kainé's Shade begins to relapse and initiates another separate Boss fight sequence.

(Boss Fight) 

  • Shade Kainé will have a string of energy with two anchor points that each propel waves of magic orbs. These must be blocked if evading is not plausible
  • NieR will no longer have the help of Grimoire Weiss and his Sealed Verses during this combat, but she will be fairly easy to land chain melee attacks on.
  • Kainé will only perform a series of melee attacks herself, and often is stunned by NieR's repeated attacks.

Deplete her HP bar to be given the option to choose Ending C or D. 


Shadowlord's Castle Notes & Trivia

Several Achievements can be accomplished at the Shadowlord's Castle

  • Permission Granted - Defeat the betrayers within two and a half minutes. (Devola & Popola)
  • A Dirge for the Hero - Defeat a certain boss within two minutes. (Shade Wild Boar)
  • Soul Crusher - Defeat the betrayers again within three and a half minutes. (Devola & Popola)
  • Book Burner - Defeat the world-saving tome in one and a half minutes (Grimoire Noir)
  • The Once and Final King - Defeat the Shade inside you within three and a half minutes. (Shadowlord)
  • The Strongest Bond - Defeat someone you care for within three and a half minutes. (Kainé's Shade)
  • A World in Flux - You defeated the Shadowlord.
  • Call Her Back - You viewed the first ending (Ending A).
  • Lingering Memories - You viewed the second ending (Ending B).


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