King's Manor is a location in NieR Replicant. King's Manor is the guarded mansion in Facade with the King of Facade resides. 


King's Manor Location & Map

The Map of Facade can be bought from the Item Shop in Facade for 500 gold after NieR has progressed to past the Barren Temple in the storyline


The King's Manor would be directly adjacent to Facade's entrance e city Navigate the stairs toward the outer walls and turn in towards the Manor


King's Manor Information

This is where the King of Facade resides. 

NieR makes his journey to the King's Manor in search of some information when Kainé mentioned the city has been doing research on the Black Scrawl disease, in light of the King falling ill with it. He, unfortunately, passed away from his illnesses and is now to be succeeded by his son, the prince of Facade, now the King of Facade.


King's Manor Quests & Major Events Walkthrough


Act I 

Upon NieR's initial arrival, he must reach the King's Manor. but once he does they will realize they do not understand the language. and they do not grant him entry. It is not until they meet Fyra, a voiceless young girl who communicates with body language and helps Grimoire Weiss understand their language through her communication. Later on you can briefly see the proposal to Frya from the prince in his Room as well as recieve the Royal Compass from the advisor.


Act II 

NieR will be invited to stay in the King's Manor when the King of Facade sends him an invitation to his wedding. There, he will meet Fyra once again and find out that she is the bride to the King to be wedded the next day. The ceremony will also be held in front of the King's Manor. 



In Act II, the King of Facade will be found atop his Mansion. When NieR speaks to him, he will ask NieR to clear the Shades in the Barren Temple  released by the bandits from the previous Quest, A Shade Entombed  

The Quests Available in this area are:



Barren Temple  ♦  Desert  ♦  Eastern Road  ♦  Emil's Manor  ♦  Facade  ♦  Forest of Myth  ♦  Junk Heap  ♦  Lost Shrine  ♦  Northern Plains  ♦  Seafront  ♦  Shadowlord's Castle  ♦  Southern Plains  ♦  The Aerie  ♦  Underground Laboratory  ♦  Village  ♦  Village Library

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