Devola & Popola

Character Type  Boss
Species Androids
Location Shadowlord's Castle
See also Devola

Devola and Popola are Bosses and NPCs in NieR Replicant. Together, they stand in the way between NieR and the Shadowlord at the Shadowlord's Castle


"You know, I understand now why we're twins. It's because....because we were born without souls. This world is too lonely for one without a soul. There's too much...emptiness. Our souls are missing, but our tears still work. That's kinda weird. Sorry, Sis. ...I love you."

-Devola to Popola, Shadowlord's Castle


 Devola & Popola Location

Their boss fight sequence is triggered in the Shadowlord's Castle past the birdbaths. 


Devola & Popola Information

Devola & Popola reveal that they are not actually human and exist eternally under the command of the true humans. They inform NieR of Project Gestalt and the real humans. They are sent there to look over the replicants so that eventually they would return their vessels to their original Gestalts. 


Devola & Popola Encounters

The first boss fight begins through the doors after the interaction with the birds in the atrium of the Shadowlord's Castle. They try to convince NieR to return and give up his objective, but when he refuses they attack. 


Second Encounter

Devola and Popola will be waiting at the end of the Shadowlord's Castle just before the last chambers. They will further explain their purpose and why they are standing in between NieR and the Shadowlord. They try to remind Grimoire Weiss of his involvement, but to no avail. They then initiate a boss fight sequence. 


Devola & Popola Attack Strategy

  • Devola and Popola will absorb the Sealed Verse abilities of Grimoire Weiss, so they will have the same magic abiltiies as NieR
  • They will expel magic orbs and can teleport around the area. 
  • Slash any projecting magic they project with melee attacks
  • They should undergo a lot of pauses enough to be able to land a chain of melee hits. 
  • Watch for the glowing circle on the floor to see where they will appear next, and position NieR to be ready to deal his melee attacks when they appear. 
  • Continue landing hits until the HP bar is depleted




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