Type Raw Materials
Rarity Rare
Price Bought  -
Price Sold  1,500 gold
Location Barren Temple, Junk Heap

Pyrite is one of the Raw Materials in Nier Replicant  and NieR Replicant ver.1.2247.


A mined stone that creates sparks when struck.


Pyrite Acquisition

  • Rare drop in the Barren Temple harvest points
  • Drops from crates in the B2 of the Junk Heap
  • Rare drop from the crates in the third and final door of the DLC (Recycled Vessel)

How to farm Pyrite in Nier Replicant

The easiest way to farm Pyrite is to head over to the second basement of the Junk Heap, to the room with many crates. Equip the best drop-rate Word that you have and destroy and loot all the crates. If you got what you wanted, go back up and save. Return and the crates will respawn.

If you don't find what you want, suicide int the heat at the end of the passageway and the crates will respawn when you click continue. Do this until you get the items.

You can do the same at the Barren temple by going to the bridge area and suiciding there next to the spawn points.  


Farming Pyrite in the Barren temple

Starting at the entrance to the Barren temple, check the room on the right for a drop. It is at the far end of the room next to the door. You should be able to see the drop from the entrance so you won't need to enter if it's not there. Then make your way to the opposite room. Before entering, there is a drop point next to the debris blocking the path to the right. After looking there, enter the room. Like the previous room, there is a potential drop at the far back of this room. Regardless of if it's there or not, make your way through this room, then take the back path into the next room. There is a potential drop on the opposite side of the room next to the door. Leave the room and look to your right, there is a potential drop next to the debris. You can ignore the room opposite you as it has no drops. Instead, make your way down the main hall to the next set of rooms. The room on the left has a drop at the far back (Note that this drop spawns behind a broken pillar so it may be harder to spot than the others). Back in the main hall, the room on the right has a drop as soon as you enter. It is located on the right-hand side of the door. Exit this room and make your way down the hallway at the end of the main hall. You can ignore the long corridor-like room on the right. Instead, go into the first room on the left, run straight through the small chamber until you make it outside. There is a drop right in front of you as you walk outside. Note that it's hard to notice because of the sunlight. After that, make your way back inside and open the last door in the hallway. You are now back outside and on the bridge. There are two drop points here, one by the entrance and one at the other end by the boss door. You should be able to spot if that one has spawned or not before you get there to save some time.

At this point, you should jump off the bridge. You will respawn back at the start of the bridge. Then, rather than returning to the main entrance, continue jumping off the bridge until you hit the game over screen. Click continue to respawn back on the bridge. In doing so, you will maintain your acquired resources and the item drops will have reset within the area. You can now re-collect the above-mentioned drops in reverse order on your way back to the main door, effectively doubling the amount of drops per run. Once you reach the main entrance, leave the area and re-enter to reset the loop and repeat until you have the required amount of resources.


Pyrite Notes & Trivia

  • This item is also available in Automata



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    • I find Pyrite easily in the beginning of the Barren Temple. Usually as one of the drops in the beginning on the left if the drop isn't there walk out and back in pretty much guaranteed if its there.

      • Anonymous

        In all my runs into the Junk Heap for various materials I've never gotten a single Pyrite. As for the Barren Temple, the grind is too slow/boring for me and too unreliable. If you have access to it (NG+ playthrough), go to the 3rd floor and fight your way up to the bridge in the secret laboratory part. There should be at least 1 pyrite everytime, along with an Eagle Egg and/or Damascus Steel in the crates on the bridge. Just jump to your death to get out and start a new run until you've got enough Pyrite.

        • Anonymous

          I am starting to think the junk heap does not drop them. I HD runs for hours and never even once pyrite dropped while everything else came some time or another but this one? Nope

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