Eagle Egg

[nier replicant 2021] raw
Type Raw Materials
Buy Price N/A
Sell Price 4,800 G
Quantity 99

Eagle Egg is one of the Raw Materials in Nier Replicant  and NieR Replicant ver.1.2247. Raw Materials are used to upgrade your Weapons and you will find them in various Locations throughout your playthrough of the game. They can also be dropped by some Enemies as you defeat them.


Egg laid by an Eagle.


Eagle Egg Acquisition

  • Found in the Aerie village by a hut on the level underneath the Chief's house during Act I.
  • Rare drop from the crates in the third and final door of the DLC (Recycled Vessel).

Farming Eagle Eggs

The best and fastest way to farm Eagle Eggs is to:

  1. Set your game to hard
  2. Travel to the Aerie
  3. Save at the post box
  4. Run to the first platform and look under the chief's house (the gold house) to see if there is an item there.
  5. If there is an item, run to get it. 
  6. If it's an eagle egg, go back to the post box and save.
  7. If it's not an eagle egg, reload your save (menu>options>other>load).
  8. Repeat from step 4.

Estimated completion time: 1 hour.





Eagle Egg Total Upgrades

Eagle Egg can be used to upgrade the following:

Base Weapons: (x2)


Eagle Egg Notes & Trivia

  • Eagle Egg is a rare material only found in few places to harvest.
  • An Eagle Egg is required to complete the QuestOn the Wings of Eagles.


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    • Anonymous

      In ver 1.22... instead of going the long way back you can jump back to the first bridge from the eagle egg spawn location by using light spear attacks in the air to extend your reach.

      • Anonymous

        This is terrible advice.
        1. You don't have to run to the chiefs house to see if the item spawned. You can see it from the first platform in the area.

        2. You don't have to repeatedly suicide. Just go to the menu > options > other > load game.

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