Black Pearl

Type Raw Materials
Rarity Rare
Price Bought  -
Price Sold  1,600 gold
Location Seafront

Black Pearl is one of the Raw Materials in Nier Replicant  and NieR Replicant ver.1.2247.


A large, valuable pearl with a black veneer.


Black Pearl Acquisition

  • Found in harvest points at Seafront along the beach
  • Found inside the back room of the Post Office in Seafront after completing a puzzle; respawns on every playthrough.


Black Pearl Notes & Trivia

  • Phoenix Dagger, Phoenix Sword, and Phoenix Spear require 5 Black Pearls each to upgrade -- 15 in total. You can get 4 pearls through repeated playthroughs to get the different endings. Seafront's beach harvest points do not reappear in part 2 until the beached ship is gone, so try to stock up in part 1 if you can.



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    • Anonymous

      Best farming strategy i've found so far, possible only after clearing the beached ship part: Enter Seafront, go to the secret beach (the one where you can fish Shaman Fish), there are 5 spawn points, each able to produce a black pearl.
      After collecting the items there, exit Seafront and repeat.
      It's not time efficient to go checking also on the other small beach, the one near the pier, becaus there there are just 2 spawn points.
      For maximum running speed, continue to altern between evade and light attack with a spear, canceling each move.

      • Anonymous

        I was only able to get the pearl in the post office once. Reloading my save and closing the game and opening it back up didn't re-load the pearl spot. Will need to farm the items after you get it.

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