Type Wild Animal
Locations Northern Plains
Loot Items Mutton

Sheep are one of the wild inhabitants or animals NieR Replicant. They are usually harvested for materials when they are killed. 


Sheep Information

Sheep are found in the Northern Plains from the Village. They are abundant in the plains and roam around on their own or as a horde. They become scarce in Act II as Shades begin to take over the plains. Despite their soft exterior, walking behind them should be avoided as they can deal a kick that causes some damage to NieR. Sheep can be killed and harvested for their mutton, cooked in meals, or the rarer drop, wool

Sheep Loot Items:


Sheep Quest

Mutton is a common ingredient in dishes and is a necessary ingredient to some quests


Sheep Notes & Trivia 

  • Kill 100 Sheep to complete an Achievement
    • The Sheep Whisperer-  You killed 100 sheep.




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