Type Wild Animal
Locations Southern Plains
Loot Items Deer Antler

Deers are one of the wild inhabitants or animals NieR Replicant. They are usually harvested for materials when they are killed. 


Deer Information

Deers are found in the Southern Plains from the Village. Deers can be identified by their dark brown coat. Male deers are seen with antlers and female deers will not have them, but they will drop the same loot. They roam freely together around the plains and can deliver a damaging kick when approached. They can also sometimes charge at NieR though the damage they deal does not harm NieR that much. Deer can be killed and harvested for their Deer Antler or Venison, a common ingredient in some meals. 


Deer Loot Items:


Deer Quests

Deer will need to be harvest as per one of Yonah's requests for ingredients as she tries her hand at cooking a dish for NieR at home.


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