Dark Gluttony

Type AoE DPS & Debuff
Location Junk Heap
Boss Gepetto

Dark Gluttony is a Sealed Verse in NieR Replicant and NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139.... Sealed Verses such as Dark Gluttony are special abilities used by Grimoire Weiss that assist NieR in battle. They can be unlocked by progressing the story and completing content. 


Absorb enemy magic attacks. Charge to increase absorption time.

Dark Gluttony absorbs the surrounding red energy orb and casts an attack orb of its own. A charged Dark Gluttony absorbs power, and red orbs from its surroundings and manifest them into one big powerful red orb that shoots forward and helps clear path for NieR for a short period, knocking all his enemies back and clearing projectiles in its way. 


Dark Gluttony Location

Dark Gluttony is the fifth Sealed Verse in NieR Replicant, attained after the battle with Gepetto, the boss level robot from Junk Heap.


Dark Gluttony Tips

  • For the first few seconds upon activating Dark Gluttony, pulsing glowing rings will radiate outward and repel and approaching magic orbs, and in turn, damages Shades if they are hit.
  • This power works best when surrounded by red magic orbs.


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