Dark Execution

Type AoE DPS & Debuff
Location Forest of Myth

Dark Execution is a Sealed Verse in NieR Replicant and NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139.... Sealed Verses such as Dark Execution are special abilities used by Grimoire Weiss that assist NieR in battle. They can be unlocked by progressing the story and completing content.


 Dark Execution Effect

Summon magical spiked from the ground to impale enemies. Charge to increase the number of spikes. 

Dark Execution sends out a streak of magic spears from the ground to pierce Shades. Dark Execution can also be charged to surround NieR with up to six streaks of spears shooting outward. When charging, the beaming light indicators will show how many streaks of spears NieR will be sending out and in what direction


 Dark Execution Location

Dark Execution is the Seventh Sealed Verse in NieR Replicant, obtained in the Forest of Myth from the Mayor after he is lifted from his Deathdream



    Charging Animation                       A Victim of Dark Execution                   Level one Dark Execution

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