Dark Whirlwind

Type AoE DPS & Debuff
Location Emil's Manor
Boss Grimoire Rubrum

Dark Whirlwind  is a Sealed Verse in NieR Replicant and NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139.... Sealed Verses such as Dark Gluttony are special abilities used by Grimoire Weiss that assist NieR in battle. They can be unlocked by progressing the story and completing content.

Dark Whirlwind

Attack with magical rotating blades. Charge to increase the number of blades. 

Dark Whirlwind is a propeller-like power that sends out a beam of light that will orbit NieR and strike any opponents within range. With more charges, you can create up to four surrounding beams. This power is not particularly the most powerful Sealed Verse, but it can last up to 15 seconds and creates continuous repeating damage to wear its enemies down and cut down some projectiles, such as red orbs in its path. 


Dark Whirlwind Location 

Dark Whirlwind is the last Sealed Verse in NieR Replicant. It will be given after defeating Grimoire Rubrum in Emil's Mansion





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