Words with "Poison:" Ashures, Kon, Solir
Cure: Antidotal Weed

Poison is a Status Effect in NieR Replicant that gradually drains HP overtime when affected until an antidote is applied.

These Status effects are found in Words, that can be bound to a Weapon, Sealed Verse Magic, or Martial Art. 

NieR himself can be affected by poison from enemies that contain poison. 
It will be shown as a green cloud that can projectile outwards


What to do when NieR is poisoned?



How do you use Poison? 

  • Poison is found in some words in addition to their original stat effect
  • Binding words to Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts and then using the bound object, magic, or action will immediately implement the status effect
  • The word, Hoduloth, is word that when stacked with another word with a Status Effect, gives the Effect a level 9 power
    (for example: Hoduloth + Ashures bound to any weapon/magic/martial art, will give the poison a level 9 effect)



Words with Poison

Word Stat Effect Bindings
Ashures Physical Defence +6% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Kon Magic Defense +2% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Solir MP Recovery +4% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts




Status Effects
Confuse  ♦  HP Drain  ♦  MP Drain  ♦  Paralyze  ♦  Weaken

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