MP Drain

 Words with "MP Drain:" Ashurza, Konza, Solza

MP Drain is a Status Effect in NieR Replicant that slightly drains enemies', MP meter during Combat, making their magic attacks less frequent

They are effects found in Words equipped with an original Stat effect and can be used when bound to a Weapon, Magic Sealed Verse or Martial Art, but only have a chance of occurring. 


How do you use MP Drain? 

  • MP Drain is found in some words in addition to their original stat effect
  • Binding words to Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts and then using the bound object, magic, or action will immediately utilize the status effect and will have a chance of it occurring
  • The word, Hoduloth, is a word that when stacked with another word with a Status Effect, gives the Effect a level 9 power, which will give it the highest chance of occurring
    (for example: Hoduloth + Ashures bound to any weapon/magic/martial art, will give the Poison a level 9 effect)  


Words with MP Drain

Word Stat Effect Bindings
Ashurza Physical Defence +10% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Konza Magic Defense +10% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts
Solza MP Recovery +10% Weapons/Magic/Martial Arts




Status Effects
Confuse  ♦  HP Drain  ♦  Paralyze  ♦  Poison  ♦  Weaken

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