Wild Boar 

Type Wild Animal
Locations Northern Plains
Southern Plains
Unlock Ability to Mount Wild Boars
Loot Items Boar liver
Boar tusk

Wild Boars are one of the wild inhabitants or animals in NieR Replicant. They are usually harvested for materials when they are killed and can be mounted for quick travels through the plains. 


Wild Boar Information

Wild Boars are found in the Northern Plains and Southern Plains from the Village. They are the strong, but tamable animals in the game available for mounting and faster traveling.  Wild Boars are the main objective in the Quest, Boar Hunt. Complete the quest to gain access to the Boar Controls tutorial. The Boar Tusk is also needed to be able to mount a boar because it is said that they become tame around anyone who carries one.  Boar tusks can be harvested from a Wild Boar's body. 


Wild Boar Loot Items:


Wild Boar Quest


Wild Boar Mounting

Only Wild Boars that are resting can be used for mounting. They are usually found around the entrances and exits of the plains for use. When mounted, they easily run through other creatures such as small Shades and other animals. However, if they do take a hit NieR will still get knocked off. 


Wild Boar Trivia 

  • Ride a Wild Boar for at least five minutes to complete an Achievement
    • All Aboard! - You rode a boar for at least five minutes.
  • A Wild Boar will appear late game as one of the Bosses known as the Shade Wild Boar



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