The Lighthouse Lady's Wrath

Type Act I Side Quest
Requirements The Postman's Request
Client Postman
Location Seafront Post office
Reward  1000 gold

The Lighthouse Lady's Wrath is one of the Side Quests in NieR Replicant. Side quests are optional tasks or quests usually requested by NPCs that players can choose to complete in order to obtain rewards. Some quests rewards are required for certain endings. 


The lady wants to leave town, and the postman has asked you to convince her otherwise. Go pay her a visit.

The old lady is afflicted with the Black Scrawl. Visit the postman to help make her last request come true.

The postman is acting strange. Return to the post office.

The postman apparently has something to show you. Search for it inside the post office's storeroom.

The letters to the old lady were fakes written by the postman. How should you explain this to the woman?

You gave the letter to the lady, and (decided to / decided not to) tell her the truth. 

The Lighthouse Lady's Wrath Rewards

  • 1000 gold


The Lighthouse Lady's Wrath Objectives

Speak to the Lighthouse Lady and the Postman and bring them to a conclusion for their argument 


The Lighthouse Lady's Wrath Walkthrough

The Postman's Request must be completed before this quest can be activated.

If the quest is still no activated, finish other quests first and come back.  Check on Devola in the Tavern, and she will offer NieR some quests suggestions including this one, The Lighthouse Lady's Wrath. 


  •  Start the quest by entering the post office

NieR walks in on the lighthouse lady and the postman arguing about her lighthouse duties. He overhears their conversation

"Lighthouse lady: But it's the first request I've made in ages! How dare you deny it!
Postman: You can't leave! Who's going to tend the lighthouse!?
Lighthouse lady: How much longer will you force me to toil here? I must go see him! I need to board a ship as soon as possible! 
Postman: No way, lady. It's back to work for you! Now get going! "


NieR speaks to the postman and the postman wants him to talk some sense into her. 

  • Visit the lady at the lighthouse after the conversation with the postman

NieR examines the room and finds out she has the Black Scrawl. The lighthouse lady wakes up and aggressively tells NieR not to tell anyone. She doesn't fear death and is tired of being alone. She talks about her one regret. She wants to see her love one last time. 


Lighthouse lady "I've spent 50 years in the lighthouse, working and working for these people, and now they won't let me leave! I just want to see him! I want to board the ship that will take me to him! O, cruel world..."


NieR's new objective is to convince the villagers to let her go, starting with the postman

Despite him being made aware of her condition, he continues to deny the request to let her go. Grimoire Weiss suggests returning, later on, he has a feeling they might discover something. 

  • Go back to check on the postman

NieR catches him in the middle of writing something. Grimoire Weiss figures out that the lady's letters are postmarked only at this office, but not for anyone else. Her lover's letters were local and not in a faraway land. The postman will invite them both to the backroom. 

  • Follow the postman to the backroom
  • Clear the way to the back and inspect the letters
  • Return to the postman and speak to him

They find that the lighthouse lady's letters had been all undelivered and that her lover was actually already dead, but someone had still been writing her letters. The postman admits he and the whole town had been writing her letters in place of her lover to continue giving her hope.  The whole thing had started 50 years before with his father. The postman offers a new letter to deliver to her. 

Postman:" It says that her love is coming, but that the journey will be long. ... It tells her to wait." 


The postman leaves the decision to tell her to NieR. 

  • Return to the lighthouse, go up and speak to the Lighthouse Lady again 

NieR will have two options 

  • Give her the letter and perpetuate the lie
  • Tell her that her lover is dead


Give her the letter and perpetuate the lie


 will follow with this response

Lighthouse Lady: Oh, he's written me a letter! Ah, wonderful, wonderful...
Grimoire Weiss: Perhaps we should leave you alone with your letter.
Lighthouse Lady: Oh, life is so wonderful... And could you please thank that nice postman when you see him?
Nier: ...All right.


Tell her that her lover is dead


will follow with this response 

Nier: Your love didn't write this letter.
Lighthouse Lady: Oh, posh! It's his handwriting! And I recognize the stationery, too!
Grimoire Weiss: That which you recognize comes from the town's postman and his father. Not from your beloved.
Lighthouse Lady: Are you saying those two idiots wrote all these letters? But... but why?
Grimoire Weiss: Your lover perished long years ago, and they had not the heart to tell you. Thus, the charade.
Lighthouse Lady: Oh...
Nier: Sorry.
Lighthouse Lady: You don't have to apologize. To tell you the truth, part of me had suspected something like this. But it's hard to hear a secret thought finally spoken aloud. I... I think I should be alone for a while.
Lighthouse Lady: But I want to ask you a favor. You must forget we ever had this conversation. The entire town has worked on this story, and they did so to make me happy. I don't want their hard work to go to waste, so I will carry on as if I am none the wiser.
Grimoire Weiss: As you wish.
Lighthouse Lady: Please tell the postman... thank you.
Nier: We will.

This will conclude the quest, but she asks that you tell the postman thank you.  

This will prompt the quest Closure


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