The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 6 

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Type Act II Side Quest
Starting NPC Seafront Fisherman
Location Seafront
Reward  Fishing skill improvement
Unlock Sandfish in the Fish Shop

The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 6 is one of the Side Quests in NieR Replicant. Side quests are optional tasks or quests usually requested by NPCs that players can choose to complete in order to obtain rewards. Some quests rewards are required for certain endings. 

Some Villages may ask you to perform jobs for them. To view any such requests, open the menu then choose the Quests tab  

For a guide on fishing, click here.

The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 6 Rewards

  • Fishing skill improvement


The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 6 Objectives

Use fishing to catch three Sandfish for the Fisherman at Seafront


The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 6 Walkthrough

Speak to the fisherman by the Seafront docks. He asks you to catch three sandfish for him.

Catch three sandfish then speak to the fisherman to complete the quest.

  •  Sandfish can be caught in Facade with the Lure by the fast-travel boat in the Desert. 
  • Note: To cath this fish you must press the associated button on the first bite and before the takle go under the sand, otherwise the fish will automaticaly get away.

For more fishing help, take a look at the Fishing guide.

  • Return the sandfish to the fisherman when they are caught to complete the quest

"Your fishing skill has improved!"

Grimoire Weiss: " That was no fishing move. that maneuver of a master assassin. I am beginning to fear this old man more than any Shade. " 



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