Lunar Tear

Type Magic Flower
Recovery Item
Names White Moonflower
Ability Full health restoration
See also Cultivating

The Lunar Tear is the legendary magical flower mentioned in NieR Replicant, that grants wishes. According to Popola, its last known appearance was at the Lost Shrine

Story Appearances

  • The Lunar Tear is first mentioned in the introduction of NieR Replicant. NieR tells Yonah about its magical properties and its ability to grant wishes including curing Yonah of her fatal disease, the Black Scrawl.
  • Because of the legend, Yonah goes to find out its whereabouts and pursues the Lunar Tear at the Lost Shrine despite her frail condition. Thus this is the first of many quests NieR goes on in NieR Replicant
  • We also catch a glimpse of the Lunar Tear in the form of a wreath at Kainé's deserted tent. We later find out that her grandmother made it for her
  • In Act II, NieR makes his own Lunar Tear as a present to Kainé to celebrate her awakeness and she will be seen wearing it in her hair
  • In two of the endings, the Lunar Tear acts as a representation of Kainé


Lunar Tear Cultivation

Unbeknownst to most players, the Lunar Tear can actually be obtained through cultivation and crossbreeding. The Lunar Tear is actually the White Moonflower. If successfully cultivated it grants full HP restoration or can be sold for 5000 gold. 

The white Moonflower is a crossbreed of the Pink Moonflower and Peach Moonflower Seeds, which are both also crossbred flowers. For tips on crossbreeding and cultivation, check the Cultivating Guide.

Peach Moonflower - (Red + Gold Moonflower) 

Indigo Moonflower - (Gold + Blue Moonflower)

Pink Moonflower - (Red + Indigo Moonflower) 

Lunar Tear (White Moonflower) - (Pink + Peach Moonflower)



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