CharacterType Companion NPC
Weapons Twin Blades
Location Deserted Tent
Species Half-Shade
Shade part Tyrann
Kali (grandmother)
Companions NieR
Grimoire Weiss
Voice Atsuka Tanaka (Japanese)
Laura Bailey (English)

Kainé is an NPC in Nier Replicant and one of NieR's companions. She is one of three of his companions-- the white book, Grimoire Weiss, and Emil, who follow him in the game. Kainé is a snarky half-human and half-shade with an attitude and a potty mouth, but she joins NieR on his journey to hunt down the Sealed Verses


Kainé Information

Kainé was born in the Aerie, she was not born half Shade half-human. She came home one way to find Hook, the giant reptilian Shade, attacking her grandmother at home. Kainé was mutilated while intervening, and her grandmother died in the process- Causing her desire to hunt him and all Shades down. Shade Tyrann saves her life by fusing with her, replacing her missing limbs with his Shade parts, making her half-Shade. 

Upon hearing some of the things the villagers of the Aerie have to say, NieR finds out she is an outcast because of her half-Shade characteristic, which is why she chooses to stay in the deserted tent at the outskirts of the Aerie by herself devoting her life to seeking vengeance for her grandmother. Her full backstory can be found unlocked in the second playthrough of the game in Kainé's Dreams


Kainé Location

The Deserted Tent in between The Aerie and the Northern Plains.


NieR first meets Kainé on the way back from the first trip to the Aerie. She stays in the "deserted tent" past the bridge on the Northern Plains, but before the tunnel to the right on the way to the Aerie. If NieR examines the tent Grimoire Weiss will make a comment saying "It appears to be deserted."  She won't be there until NieR's journey back from the Aerie

On the way back from your trip to the Aerie, at the deserted tent, there will now a new twinkling light that was not there before, and upon closer inspection, you will notice that it is a wreath made of Lunar Tears. Kainé will appear and threaten you to back away before beginning to attack. He notices that she is part shade. NieR enters a boss battle sequence with Kainé before being interrupted by another boss sequence with Hook, the reptilian shade creature. 

Kainé uses her abilities to ward it off before fainting. After receiving a Sealed Verse, she wakes up, and it is only then that she introduces herself properly to NieR, but then tells him to leave and to stay away from the creature because she is hunting it.

Kainé joins NieR on his second trip to the Aerie, when he notices Kainé fending off a cluster of Shades. He and Grimoire Weiss join her in battle against the large reptilian creature Shade boss, Hook, for the second time and finally defeat it together. NieR will then convince Kainé to join them.


Related Quotes and Dialogue

Kainé speaking to Emil about his cursed ability

  • Kainé: "Your eyes are not a sin, don't ever be ashamed of them. They are part of you. A vital part of you. You understand?" 
  • Kainé: "This arm? This Creature? ... It's me. I thought I'd need it only until I found my vengeance. And once that happened, I figured it was all over. But there's a reason I'm alive... That my arm is alive. And there's a reason for your eyes too."

Kainé and Grimoire Weiss in the middle of combat with the Grimoire Noir

  • Kainé: "Start making sense you rotten book, or you're gonna be sorry! Maybe I'll rip your pages out one by one. Or maybe I'll put you in the goddamn furnace! How can someone with such a big, smart brain get hypnotized like a little *****, huh?"
  • Grimoire Weiss: " Good to see you Kainé, although I don't think anyone has ever accused me of being a little ***** before." 


Kaine Remastered Comparison




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