Type Saltwater fish
Bait Sardine
Location Seafront Pier 
Cost TBA
Sell Price 12500 gold

Dunkleosteus is a type of Fish in NieR Replicant that can be acquired by fishing. Fish are required to complete the Fisherman's Quests at Seafront and improve NieR's fishing skill level. 

NieR's first fishing rod and Lure can be retrieved from the Fisherman standing by the Seafront Pier.




Dunkleosteus Location  

 The best fishing spot for Dunkleosteus is at the Seafront Pier, next to the old fisherman

 For a guide on all fish locations and lures, check the Fishing Guide.  



Dunkleosteus Information

Dunkleosteuss is not a necessary catch in one of the Fisherman's Quests, but the first seven Fisherman's Quests must've been completed before you can catch a Drunkleosteus. 

  • Dunkleosteus is a rare saltwater fish, caught with Sardine by the Seafront pier.
  • This fish will nibble the line 3 times, reel in after the third pull.
  • This is a tough fish to catch, you won't be able to get it unless your fishing skill is maxed
  • Sardines can be bought from the Tackle Shopkeeper at Seafront for 250 gold.
  • Catching Dunkleosteus would not add it to the Fishmonger's inventory in Seafront




Dunkleosteus Notes & Trivia

One of every fish must be caught to complete all achievements

  • A Round by the Pond - Catch one of every type of fish


When "Fish" is displayed on the screen, press (B)-Xbox (Square)-Playstation, to choose your bait and begin fishing. When your rod bends, press (A) to reel in the fish, then press (L) in the direction opposite the way the fish is going to reduce its HP. When the fish's HP reaches zero, you will automatically land it.  

-Fishing Tutorial


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